Sir Patrick Moore

The FAS records with sadness the death of Sir Patrick Moore at the age of 89; his passing has deprived the astronomical world of one of its greatest advocates and ambassadors, his unique personality and boundless enthusiasm inspired countless thousands to pursue astronomy as a hobby and, in no small number of cases, professionally.

Patrick’s own enthusiasm for astronomy was ignited at the age of six when health problems forced him to be home educated and his mother gave him a copy of GF Chambers’ book, The Story of the Solar System.

Patrick authored more than 70 books, served as director of the Armagh Planetarium, President of the British Astronomical Association, co-founder and President of the Society for Popular Astronomy.  His detailed moon maps were used by NASA to prepare for the Apollo moon missions which he would cover for the BBC, and of course Patrick will be known to millions as presenter of the  Sky AT Night since its first broadcast in 1957 (missing only one episode in July 2004).

Patrick’s contribution to our hobby is immeasurable, he will be sorely missed.