Kelling Heath LAS Autumn Equinox Starparty

Kelling Heath Star Party is the largest in the UK, where hundreds of amateur astronomers meet up for a week of dark sky observing at Kelling Heath on the North Norfolk coast.

GoSpaceWatch Inline Lecture – The NASA Lucy Mission to the Trojan Asteroids

Synopsis NASA’s Lucy mission will be the first spacecraft to travel through the Jupiter Trojan asteroids. Over the course of 12 years, one spacecraft will visit 7 Trojan asteroids and 1 Main Belt Asteroid. The mission is designed to flyby a large number of Trojan asteroids to understand the diversity of the Trojan asteroids. The science investigation and current state of the mission will be discussed.
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Newtown Astronomy Association Zoom meeting

Triumphs of Voyager – Uranus to Neptune”.
Launched during the final years of the 1970s and taking advantage of a 1 in 175-year planetary line-up, Paul will remind us of the discoveries these now interstellar travellers made on their Grand Voyage of exploration to the Outer Planets of our Solar System... as Paul says " Where no probe has gone before!"
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An online Zoom Meeting

GoSpaceWatch Online Lecture

Spaceport America. Get to know the world's first purpose-built commercial spaceport


The Exmoor Dark Skies Festival

Exmoor Celebrates l0 years as International Dark Sky Reserve
It was ten years ago that Exmoor’s uniquely dark skies were
formally recognised by the International Dark Sky Association
and the National Park became Europe’s first International Dark
Sky Reserve. Recent research by CPRE, the countryside charity,
demonstrates that today, 92% of Exmoor has pristine night
skies, free from light pollution, and even the remaining areas
have incredibly dark skies.

Marlborough Dark Skies Fest

The Box Office is open for the first Marlborough Dark Skies Fest - a fun festival of events running from the 25 October and culminating in a jam-packed programme on the weekend of the 30/31 October of science and art activities celebrating the night sky.
With over 40 events taking place in 13 venues across the town the festival has lots to offer everyone, from exhibitions to workshops, talks to tours and – of course – stargazing! Most events are free but ticketed and tickets are limited so please don’t leave it to the last minute!
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Somerset levels Stargazers October Meeting

27th OCTOBER 2021 7.30PM

FAS Autumn Convention

National Space Centre Exploration Drive, Leicester

The FAS is delighted to announce that we will be holding an in-person convention on Saturday 13 November at the National Space Centre in Leicester.


An afternoon of Extreme Stellar Environments

An afternoon of “Extreme Stellar Environments” is yours on the afternoon of Saturday 13th November comprising 4 online talks on this theme from respected astronomy professionals focussing on their specific interests from supernovae, neutron stars, zombie stars to black holes. Guiding us through this journey of cataclysm and atom wrenching adventure is Dr Robert Massey, Deputy Executive Director of the Royal Astronomical Society. This is a free zoom meeting - registration required

GoSpaceWatch Zoom Lecture – Voyager: From Planetary Spacecraft to Interstellar Probe

In July and August of 1977, two spacecraft were launched on an historic journey to the outer solar system that would rewrite textbooks and change the way we look at the universe and ourselves within it, forever. Originally named MJS, the Voyager missions sent back stunning images and other data that were as beautiful as they were intriguing and often surprising. The many discoveries, the quantum leap in our understanding of our solar system and, by reference, other yet to be discovered solar systems, may be favourably compared to Galileo's first views of the sun, moon, Venus, and Jupiter; a rare and precious game changing event for humanity.


Bath Astronomers present Caroline Herschel Prize Lecture

The Caroline Herschel Prize Lecture 2021 has been awarded to Dr Jenny Carter, University of Leicester, and you are invited to the online, free to attend event this coming month. It is entitled “Earth versus Sun: a precarious relationship in space” and is being held on Zoom at 7pm on Thursday 18th November.