Following the success of the past two years we are planning, once again to go back to Cambridge.

The confirmed date of the FAS Annual Convention 2005 will be on the 1st October at the Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge, CB3 0HA.


Prices: £8 in advance, £10 on the day.

On the day:

In addition to our talk programme (see below) attendees will have the chance to take a tour around the IoA”s observatories and to participate in a lunch time observing session from the Faulkes telescope on Hawaii

How to get to the IoA:

For information on how to get to the IoA please see:

More details to follow here as they become available.


Prof. David Southwood – Director of Science, ESA – ‘Titan, Mars and beyond’
Neil Bone, of the British Astronomical Association – ‘Talking up a Storm – Aurorae in Cycle 23’
Dr Alan Longstaff – ‘Mars Revisited’
Professor John Brown, The Astronomer Royal for Scotland: ‘The High Energy Sun – Highlights of the RHESSI Mission’


Andromeda Books
Aurora Books
AWR Technology
Earth and Sky
Faulkes Telescope Project
Green Witch
Lambda Publications
LH Corp
COSMOS Magazine


Society for Popular Astronomy
Society for the History of Astronomy
OUSAPS (Open University Society for Astronomy and Planetary Science)
British Astronomical Association Campaign for Dark Skies

FAS Raffle:

After the success of last years raffle we have decided to repeat it. Tickets will be available throughout the convention and the prizes will be drawn at the end of the day. Tickets will be £1 each. Currently the prizes on offer include:

– Two hours observing time on the Faulkes Telescope!!
– A collection of astronomy related products donated by Phillips
– Collection of books donated by Cambridge University Press
– Collection of book donated by Springer
– A Prize donated by Armagh Planetarium
– Equinox Planetarium Software for Mac OS X donated by Microprojects
– 10 one year subscriptions to COSMOS magazine
– Set of Space Files DVDs from Green Witch

More details about the prizes will be released on the day.