Membership & PLI Renewals

We have moved our membership database to Membermojo.

We have moved our membership database to a new system. This is a commercial UK package called Membermojo that is GDPR compliant.

This will allow easier access to your data & online payments for membership & PLI renewal.
The Membermojo sign-in page is here website

MemberMojo uses an email link for secure sign-in. If the email address you are trying to sign on with does not work please contact the Membership Secretary or Webmaster 

A guide for renewing Membership & PLI is here

Membership Updates: Throughout the year societies have changes of committees and contact details change, log into to MemberMojo

The subscription year runs from 1st April through to 31st March, and so the fees are due to be paid by end of March this year. Once again the Council has decided that a reduced rate should apply to all member Societies that renew early, i.e. notice of bank online payment reaching us by March 20th.

We are discouraging the use of cheque payment. If you have to use them please contact the Membership Secretary before hand.

PayPal is also available.

Subscription rates for 2023/24 are as follows:

Size of SocietyEarly Payment Discount*
(by 20 Mar 2023)
Standard subscription
Small – 15 members or less£ 10.00£ 15.00
Medium – 16 to 50 members£ 20.00£ 30.00
Large – 51+ members£ 30.00£ 45.00

Please be aware that it is a condition of the PLI cover that societies are paid up members of the Federation. If your subscription is not renewed by 31st March then cover will cease and the insurers may charge administration fees for a lapsed society to be added back to the policy, and the Federation will have to pass these costs on to the member society.

Membership Data Protection: Before renewing you should read our data protection policy.

Additional Renewal Information