Below we descirbe the services that the FAS offer to the UK astronomical community. These are also summarised in the Benefits of FAS membership slideshow .


The Newsletter is published 3 times a year. Its contents include: Member Society news, education news, forthcoming meetings and events, and book/software reviews.


Another annual publication is the Astrocalendar which gives observational details of the night sky for the forthcoming year. It covers the planets, lunar phases, meteor showers and eclipses. There is a set of monthly sky charts.

Public Liability Insurance for Member Societies

Public liability insurance covers legal claims made against a society by members of the public, (or of the society), for injury or loss while attending a meeting or observing session organised by the society. Injury claims may run into thousands of pounds, so insurance is essential. A single premium may cost up to 200 pounds per year, but the FAS has organised a block insurance that costs a lot less. Further details of the scheme are available on request from Secretary .

Convention and AGM

The FAS organises a Convention in conjunction with its AGM, every year. This takes place during the Autumn.