Below we descirbe the services that the FAS offer to the UK astronomical community. These are also summarised in the Benefits of FAS membership slideshow .


The Newsletter is published 6 times a year as a PDF document. Its contents include: Member Society news, education news, forthcoming meetings and events, and book/software reviews.

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Public Liability Insurance for Member Societies

Public liability insurance covers legal claims made against a society by members of the public, (or of the society), for injury or loss while attending a meeting or observing session organised by the society. Injury claims may run into thousands of pounds, so insurance is essential. A single premium may cost up to 200 pounds per year, but the FAS has organised a block insurance that costs a lot less. Further details of the scheme are available on request from the Membership Secretary or FAS Secretary

Convention and AGM

The FAS organises a Convention and AGM, every year. This takes place during the Autumn.