Apollo, For All Mankind. A music & Film Celebration

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Musical ensemble Icebreaker are playing to celebrate the Moon landings.

This presentation is made up of Reinert’s film “For All Mankind”
which was created from the documentary footage made of the launch,
landing and splashdown of the first Apollo mission to the moon. The
film is accompanied by Brian Eno’s score titled “Apollo” performed

They are performing at the Barbican; London, Brighton Dome & National Concert Hall Dublin

London 20th July

Brighton 21st July

Dublin 23rd July

Moon For All Mankind – 50

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The Astronomical Society of Malta are organising an international collaboration entitled “Moon For All Mankind – 50”, in commemoration of the 50 year anniversary of Apollo 11 and the first human landing on the moon.

Anyone from around the world can join this collaboration by filling in the following Google Form and submitting their best photo of the moon.

Moon For All Mankind – 50

The submissions will be pinned on the globe on the same page at the location provided in the Google Form. Partial lunar photos are encouraged as they will be more unique however any moon photo will be accepted.
The best moon photo from each country will eventually be selected for a 2D Map poster.

IAU 100 Events during 2019

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IAU100 website 

Women and Girls in Astronomy Women and Girls in Astronomy Day on February 11th, the IAU are encouraging events throughout 2019 to increase participation of women and girls in science.

Dark skies for all The Dark Skies for All project aims to raise awareness of the preservation of quiet and dark skies. The project will address two fundamental areas – capitalising existing education programs on light pollution to reach out to students and forming a new IAU Dark Skies Ambassadors Network for public engagement on light pollution protection actions, including government lobbying actions, making the term “light pollution” a household term etc. In particular, the project will encourage the organization of worldwide activities around the UNESCO International Day of Light 16th May 2019.

IAU Amateur Astronomy Day  This event in Belgium will be hosted on 13 April 2019 at the Palace of the Academies in Brussels and we (the IAU) have been asked to get the information out to our amateur communities. It’s believed this is the first IAU event dedicated to amateur astronomers and it is hoped this can be a place where both amateurs and professionals share their experiences and contributions etc.

Campaign to Protect Rural England – Star Count 2019

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The Campaign to Protect Rural England

Help us reclaim our dark skies

TAKE PART: 2 February – 23 February

Dark, starry skies are one of the most magical sights the countryside can offer. But light pollution means many of us can’t see the stars. We want to reconnect people with the wonder of our glorious night skies.

You can take part in #StarCount2019 and help us map light pollution, to ensure more of us can enjoy the most magical sight the countryside has to offer.

Our Star Count will take place this February, with support from the British Astronomical Association, and we’ll be asking you to look up at the night sky and tell us how many you can see in Orion. You can do this from anywhere in England.

Goto StarCount2019 for more information.