Joining the Federation

If your society wishes to join the FAS you should contact the FAS membership secretary. In this communication you should provide sufficient outline detail to be presented to Council for approval. Detailed guidelines on this procedure can be found in the Joining the FAS document. Please read this first and supply the evidence required to the FAS membership secretary. The FAS  membership secretary can be contacted here .

Contact the Membership Secretary if you wish to obtain a copy of our guidance on Setting Up & Running an Astronomical Society.

Member societies  must abide by the Constitution (FAS Constitution 2020 – agreed at FAS AGM Sept 19th 2020).

FAS Subscription rates for 2021-22

Small Society – with fewer than 21 members £28.50
(Early renewal price £15.00 until 20th March 21)

Medium Society – 21 to 45 members £45.50
(Early renewal price £25.00 until 20th March 21)

Large Society – with 46 or more members £57.00.
(Early renewal price £30.00 until 20th March 21)

Optional charges:

Public Liability Insurance – £28

Contact and queries

For any membership enquires please contact our Membership Secretary.

Benefits of FAS membership

If you wish to know more about the benefits of FAS membership, please see our page on services that we provide and the benefits of FAS membership slideshow .

Membership Data Protection: Before joining you should read our data protection policy .