From the middle of May 2020 the government started to announce easing of the lock down restrictions. If this trend should continue, there may be opportunities, at some point in the future, for astronomical societies to begin some limited activity.
To assist astronomical societies with managing the easing of these restrictions, we will have a document linked on the FAS home page of MemberMojo where societies can describe the processes they have adopted or planned in order to start some limited activity.

If you wish to share your plans with other member societies, please send them to they will then be uploaded into MemberMojo.
Please do include your name and contact number in your post so that other astronomical societies may contact you for further clarification and discussion with you.

It is important to note however, that the Federation of Astronomical Societies is not advocating that societies should ease restrictions and the Federation wishes to point out that societies primarily should always follow Government and NHS guidance and although we are providing a forum for sharing experiences, thoughts and actions, the Federation will never endorse any one society’s approach and each society must consider their own risks and unique society features. It is a matter for the individual society to follow Government advice, but we feel that if societies share their experience when they do begin some limited activity, this may be helpful to others who may be considering a similar course of action.

When sending your actions, please describe them in a manner so that other societies can easily follow your rationale and actions. This is designed to be helpful to other astronomical societies in their deliberations and you should provide a clear explanation of how you have maintained social distancing; cleaning of rooms, equipment, telescopes, procedures and the like. You can send word documents or PDFs if it is helpful for you to explain your procedures.

Graham Bryant
Vice President

Martin Baker
Webmaster FAS