GoSpaceWatch July Zoom Online Meeting:

Wednesday 15th July 2020 19:30 BST

Marsquake!: NASA’s InSight Mission to Mars

Dr Anna Horleston (University of Bristol)
About the Lecture: NASA’s InSight lander is the first dedicated geophysical lander sent to Mars. It arrived on the red planet in November 2018 and has been collecting all sorts of geophysical data ever since. The primary mission aims are to determine the interior structure of the red planet and to determine the level of seismicity. These two things will tell us about how Mars formed and will help with general models of planetary formation and evolution – why is Mars so different from Earth? In this talk, Anna will give an overview of the mission, the instruments involved and the results so far including records of marsquakes and the sound of the wind on Mars.
About the Speaker: Anna is a seismologist with several years experience in broadband seismology managing deployments in locations all over the world. She has performed passive and controlled source field work and been invovled with projects monitoring features including glaciers, volcanoes, subduction zones, passive basins and oil and gas drilling. Anna’s interests lie in seismic instrumentation, network management and data interpretation. Having recently worked on the BEIS-funded, BGS-led Environmental Monitoring Project for the Vale of Pickering and Lancashire, Anna turned her focus off-world and works on the NASA InSight Mission to Mars.
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