Membership & Renewals System (MARS)

In 2011 we moved to an online membership renewal system, which we call MARS. This system allows for a much faster processing of society renewals. It also allows societies to update their details throughout the year via their society specific username and password.This went to the nominated society contact. If you believe you are this contact please check with your society committee to ensure that you are the nominated person. If you believe you are and need the renewal information then please contact either the FAS membership secretary or the FAS webmaster .

Membership Updates: Throughout the year societies have changes of committees and contact details change, if you need to do this then please go to the update page .

Membership Renewals: During the renewal period please To access this one must go to the renewals page.

Some help on how to use the system are given towards the bottom of this page. If you require further assistance please contact the membership secretary or the webmaster.

The subscription year runs from 1st April 2019 through to 31st March 2020, and so the fees are due to be paid by end of March this year. Once again the Council has decided that a reduced rate should apply to all member Societies that renew early, i.e. the cheque or notice of BACS payment reaching us by Saturday March 4th.

Subscription rates for 2019/20 are as follows:

Size of Society Existing Member Societies, renewing in 2019
Early Payer Standard subscription
Small (up to 20 members) £15 £28.50
Medium (21 to 45 members) £25 £45.50
Large (46+ members) £30 £57.00

Optional charges for 2019/20 are as follows:
Public Liability Insurance: £28.00
Extra newsletters (per pack of 10) £11.00

Membership Data Protection: Before renewing you should read our data protection policy.

Guidance: The process of renewal should be fairly straight forward. If you are encountering difficulties the please find below some screen-shots of the process. If you have further difficulties then please contact us.

You will first be shown a login dialogue, the username and password to enter here is the FAS members’ area details (note: this is not your society specific details):

On the next screen you need to enter you society specific ID and code, your society secretary was emailed a copy of this. If you have lost these details then please contact the membership secretary.


Please now fill in the renewal information, filling in all forms correctly. Please do not put comments like “As secretary” these are not useful. Please also check the restriction of your information for publication.


Finally, you will be displayed with a confirmation screen, once any errors are rectified. You will also recieve an email.