The 2000 Convention took place on Saturday 30th September, at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory near Didcot in Oxfordshire.

Sponsored by Astronomy Now


08.30hrs. Open to traders (Access is available beforehand if required but no FAS members will be available until 08.30hrs).
09.00hrs. Open to public
10.00hrs. Dr Richard Harrison (Rutherford Appleton Laboratory): “The SOHO Mission”
11.00hrs. Coffee break
11.30hrs. Dr Bob Owens (National Museum of Wales): “Kuiper Belt Objects”
Nik Szymanek (Havering AS): “CCD Imaging”
13.30hrs. Lunch
14.30hrs. Professor Phil Charles (Oxford): “Towards the Event Horizon”
15.30hrs. Tea break
16.00hrs. The Ken Marcus Memorial Lecture: Professor Mike Edmunds (Cardiff): “Sir Isaac Remembers…”
18.00hrs. Close

Trade Stands

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