Monday 13th March 2023 at 7pm

Features Howard Davies’ presentation “Double Stars”

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The talk synopsis:
Never underestimate the beauty of double stars. What may first appear as a single brilliant star in the night sky may actually be two stars and even with a simple pair of binoculars you’ll be able to see so for yourself.

Double stars come in two varieties, visual and gravitationally bound, and figuring out which one you’re looking at will require research. One thing about double stars, they’re not compromised by a bright moon, so no matter the lunar phase, these duos are ready to charm.Some names you may be familiar with… Mizar in the Plough, the first Binary Star system to be observed with a telescope is a classic example. With really good eyes you should be able to make out Mizar’s companion, Alcor. But with a small telescope, you’ll see a third star forming a triangle with the first two, and finally yet another faint companion to Mizar.

In the Winter Hexagon, you’ll find Sirius and the Pup, Procyon, and Rigel.

Other pairs show contrasting colours, such as Albireo (gold and blue) and Almach (blue and orange). All double star systems have wonders to reveal.

Our Guest Speaker will be Howard Davies

Howard has been observing the night sky for over 40 years, and the Deep Sky is his main interest where he indulges his passion for Double Stars, Variable Stars, and the Planets. Howard is a committee member and past chairman of the Swansea Astronomical Society.

Following the presentation, we will have time for a short Q&A session with Howard.

Guests are welcome to stay with us for our second presentation of the evening by NAS Member Dr. Tony Cook, with his regular monthly feature “What’s happening in the month ahead” which includes members’ photos.
Observations may also be shown at the end of the Zoom meeting, when we may join in an informal chit-chat amongst ourselves.

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