University of Oxford St Cross College presents the one-day HAPP conference. “Polymaths Across the Eras” Saturday 18th November from 10.30 am until 5 pm in the Mathematical Institute –  this will spotlight several polymaths who were well known for their key ideas in physics as well as in other areas and will examine how having a complex body of knowledge across subjects has contributed to progress in science.

Confirmed speakers are:

Professor Charles Burnett (University of London) – ‘Al-Birūnī and Ibn al-Haytham, Two Outstanding Polymaths of 11th Century Islam’

Professor Sachiko Kusukawa (University of Cambridge) – A Sincere Hand and a Faithful Eye: The Many Interests of Robert Hooke

Andrew Robinson (author of “The Last Man Who Knew Everything: Thomas Young, The Anonymous Polymath…..”) – Thomas Young: The Last Man Who Knew Everything?

Professor Jim Secord (University of Cambridge) – Mary Somerville: Genius, Gender and the Connection of the Sciences in Victorian Britain

Professor David Broadhurst (Open University) – Richard Feynman’s Talent for Finding Things Out

Summary Of The Day’s Proceedings – Professor Dennis Lehmkuhl (University of Bonn)

Registration to attend this conference is free but booking is required to attend the conference as below with two separate booking weblinks, one to attend in person and one to join online.



The full programme is available at: