About the Talk

Over the past 50 years, astronomers have become increasingly certain that most of the Universe is made up of a mysterious invisible substance that we do not properly understand. This stuff — known as ‘Dark Matter’ — is thought to play an integral role in the evolution of the Universe, and is ultimately responsible for our existence here on Earth. But despite its importance, Dark Matter has never actually been detected! Dr Bothwell will lay out the observational evidence that has led scientists to believe something which — on the surface — seems so incredibly bizarre.

About the Speaker

Dr Matt Bothwell is the public astronomer at the Institute of Astronomy and an astrophysicist by training.

He is an experienced science communicator and science writer and has written popular astronomy books for both adults and children.

His bio can be found here https://www.ast.cam.ac.uk/people/matthew.bothwell

Time, Date, and Location

Date: 19 June 2024

Time: 7.30pm

Location: Henry Dixon Hall, Henry Dixon Road, Rivenhall End, Essex, CM8 3HR (Note that if you are using satnav system, the postcode may not take you directly to the hall – please check this Google Maps link if you aren’t sure: https://goo.gl/maps/fNxmg9qnAYm)

Cost: £3 (includes tea/coffee)