An important issue was raised at the AGM last October. There was a comment from the floor about how did societies find out what was going on at FAS Council meetings.

The answer which I gave is that is where the FAS Regions and the Regional Representatives come in. The FAS has a number of recognised regions and each region is entitled to nominate a person to attend FAS Council meetings to represent their region. The idea is that the Representative can both bring information into the Council and provide feedback to the societies in their region.

The FAS Council is currently reviewing the entire way in which the FAS works. The Council is not presently in a position to enforce such changes onto the existing Regions. Requests for new Regions will in future require a detailed proposal for how the Region will operate. However, it would seem to be a matter of good governance that Regions should operate in a way which is accountable and delivers value to both their own member societies and to the FAS as a whole.

We would like to hear from the Regions what they think about the above, how they currently operate, whether they think that they should or could change the way that they currently operate. Do they believe that the FAS should bear the full cost of running the Regional Representatives?

If you have any comments on the above, then use the FAS Council feedback form.

The FAS is your Federation, help to improve it by getting involved.
Callum Potter – FAS President