Join North Essex Astronomical Society for this talk given by FAS president Dr Paul Daniels.

About the Talk

This talk introduces the concepts of potential, force and virtual force and shows how this applies to the circular, restricted three-body problem. The history and an overview of the theory and stability of Lagrange Points will be given, several Lagrange Points in the solar system are described and the use of Lagrange Points for observatory spacecraft, e.g. James Webb Space Telescope and Gaia, are explained as well as their use for spacecraft low energy transfer orbits.

Building on this, the talk moves on to describe the life of the Polish astronomer Kazimierz Kordylewski and the history of the elusive Kordylewski Clouds.

Date: 21 Feb 2024

Time: 7.30pm

Location: Henry Dixon Hall, Henry Dixon Road, Rivenhall End, Essex, CM8 3HR (Note that if you are using satnav system, the postcode may not take you directly to the hall – please check this Google Maps link if you aren’t sure:

Cost: £3 (includes tea/coffee)